100-Word Challenge, Day 014

Creepy blue light

Creepy blue light (Photo credit: Self_za)

Laughter erupted from both of Alrdic’s assistants. “You’re kidding, right?” Evan asked. “Extra-dimensional space has never been conclusively proven to exist.”

“Yet it is widely accepted that it does exist,” Aldirc said with a smile. “We’re going to prove it exists and then use it to create enough free power to keep the moon and the earth itself running in perpetuity.”

“You are serious aren’t you?” asked Margaret.

“Completely.” Aldric submitted himself to the battery of scans and probes required to open the door to the basement lab before walking into the decontamination area. He waited for the others to go through the same ritual before he hit the button that filled the room with antiseptics, electrical neutralizers and a low grade radioactive cleanse. “Now let me show you what I’m thinking.”


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