Finding the Fantastic in Fallen Places

For the first stop in the Apocalypse in the Balance blog tour I would like to direct you to The Bialog, where you will find a guest post written by me about the use of abandoned buildings as a means to add a unique flavor to your setting. Give it a read and make sure you take part in the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a chance to win an autographed copy of one of my books. Like this:Like Loading…

Blog Tour 2014

Hello my faithful followers! I have a big announcement to make and I’m really excited about it. Tomorrow is the first day of the blog tour supporting my new book, Apocalypse in the Balance.  For the next two weeks I’ll be sharing the address of guest blog posts written by me, interviews, and book reviews.  Check them each out and you will have a chance to earn signed copies of my books. Tomorrow’s inaugural post will be hosted by the … Continue reading

Cover Reveal – Building a Legend

Why settle for one cover reveal when you can have two? In addition to revealing the cover of his newest novel, The Light Bringer, C. P. Bialois is releasing a novella from the same series titled Building a Legend. It will be out a week before  The Light Bringer, so wet your whistle on something short and marvelous.     About the Book Respect is often one of the most difficult things to find when setting out on a new … Continue reading

Cover Reveal – The Sword and The Flame: The Light Walker

My friend, C. P. Bialois, is on the verge of sharing his latest project with the world. The third book in TheSword and The Flame series, The Light Walker will be available for purchase on November 22, and I know that if your a fan of good fantasy writing, then you’ll want to get this one. C. P. has finally revealed the cover art for the book and I am sharing it with you. So here it is, the cover … Continue reading

Its Been A Year and the Loss is Still Painful

It was a year ago today that my friend Jan Marie passed away. I didn’t find out until ten days later. I spoke to a mutual friend who was also worried about her and suggested that she check the local paper just in case. Sure enough Jan’s obituary was posted online and confirmed what we were worried about. Having my fears confirmed left a hollow place in my chest and that emptiness still persists. I never met Jan face to … Continue reading