Like A Caveman!

Adventures in Paleo Dieting Some time ago I tried the Whole Foods thing, and I really enjoyed it, but Tracy’s pregnancy and a busy life made keeping up with the whole foods thing almost impossible, so it was abandoned in favor of our more traditional diet of processed foods and eating out. Don’t get me wrong, we are not horrible eaters for the most part. Just like most people, we have good days and bad days, but we try to … Continue reading

Whole Foods Challenge, Week One

Last week we were supposed to start our whole foods challenge. We got off to a rough start wehn my wife came down with a nasty head cold and her food needs and desires became very specific. The vegan options I had prepared were not what she had in mind and I ended up spending a lot of time running out to various restaurants and fast food chains picking up meat and dairy laden products for dinner. I am a … Continue reading

Whole Foods Countdown, 4 Days Remaining

Yesterday was a decent enough day. I did make a stop at McDonalds after karate, but I got a caesar salad instead of a burger, so that is progress right? I know today will be bad because I am planning on stopping by The Chicken Box Cafe for lunch so I can get some chicken gizzards. Hey! Don’t judge me! I love those damn things and will miss them dearly once meat is off the menu. I’ll hate myself for … Continue reading

Whole Foods Countdown, 5 Days Remaining

  Falconne007 /Free Photos I look at the countdown and realize the end is almost upon me. It is a new start to a healthier lifestyle, but I am approaching it with some dread. No more meat…no fast food…scary stuff man. I have grown up in a processed food world and leaving it behind makes me nervous. My parents, especially my mom, always did a good job of making home cooked meals and much of it was whole food before … Continue reading

Whole Foods Countdown, 8 Days Remaining

This weekend was pretty good and I managed to avoid fast food altogether, though I did go out to eat on Friday and got something less than great for me. We had healthy meals over the weekend and even manage a vegan meal on Sunday night, so we’re definitely heading in the right direction, but I don’t know how prepared we will be on the first day of the challenge. One of the biggest challenges, not including the convenience factor, … Continue reading