Beyond the Darkside, Chapter One

BEYOND THE DARKSIDE CHAPTER ONE The force field flared with brilliant explosions of light as the meteorites rained down upon Aldric Dewitt’s silver sport hover car. Not for the first time that week he mentally praised the makers of the photosensitive windshield’s design. Its immediate reaction dulled the light that would have otherwise left him blind. Driving during a meteor shower was foolish, but there was little time for caution. Timing was critical when it came to his void stream … Continue reading

A New Beginning

You may or may not have noticed the “Under Construction” sign on my home page this week. You might even look at my blog and see if you can find what has changed to warrant such a sign. I can assure you, there is nothing cosmetic that has changed. On Monday I received a letter from Getty Images stating that I had violated the copyright of an image they owned. I’m not above admitting that the letter, along with the … Continue reading


The Day has finally come! Today is the official launch of my debut novel, Apocalypse Rising. If you click any of the buttons below you will be able to buy my book in either paperback or e-book format.  I appreciate all comments and reviews left here and at the place you purchase the book. Like this:Like Loading…

The Day Before Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Official Release day for my first book, Apocalypse Rising. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that from April, 2011 through April, 2012 I worked on a little side project where I wrote at least 100 words per day on a single story. Apocalypse Rising is the culmination of that project. Most of the story has been posted here, but I will be taking those posts down today, so … Continue reading


Wow. I started on this little project a year ago, and 365 posts later I can say that this had been a very rewarding project. I started out doing this as a side project to keep me from being overwhelmed by my main writing project, Alone, but in the last three months it has taken on a life of its own and it has dominated my other projects completely. In the last month I have been writing more than my … Continue reading