100 Word Challenge, Day 312-313

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN The screwdriver hovered six inches above the workbench and tipped over so that the blade aimed downward. It slowly drifted toward the bolt partially threaded into the bench’s surface. The tip of the screwdriver lined up with the slot in the head of the bolt and turned. Progress was slow, but the bolt moved downward with each rotation until only the head was visible and the screwdriver fell over. “I did it,” Evan said as he collapsed onto … Continue reading

100 Word Challenge, Day 311

Aldric turned to face her and said, “Do your worst. I’ve fought off men and women that would have destroyed you in the blink of an eye.” He stepped toward her and was relieved to discover he was able to do so. “You are nothing but my leftovers; another sad girl broken at the altars of my desire who thinks that because she shared a bed with greatness she is something more than the whore she is.” Margaret smiled and … Continue reading

100 Word Challenge, Day 309-310

Aldric flinched and the unbridled rage eased from his eye. The tightness at the corners and the slight narrowing of his eyelids confirmed that he was still angry, but Aldric was back in control of himself. He coughed once and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” One side of Margaret’s mouth curled into a smile. “Oh I am sure you do,” she said as she wiped the spit from his fingers upon his lab coat. “It’s okay though. … Continue reading

100 Word Challenge, Part 307-308

“Are you finished?” she asked. Two long strides were all it would take for Aldric to reach her. His blood lust was up and the urge to put an end to her came easy, but his legs were like pillars holding his body in place, unmoving stone that would shatter before giving in to his demands. He growled his displeasure and tried again, but the results were no different. “What have you done to me, bitch?”

100 Word Challenge, Day 304-306

The door slid open and the two guards charged in with their guns raised. “Don’t move!” The stepped out of the doorway and each leveled their gun at Margaret, but she was the picture of serenity while Aldric stood in the middle of the room with his shoulders heaving and his breathing loud. Darkside hired both of the men away from the lunar police years ago. They knew that their first job was to protect the man that paid their … Continue reading