Book Review: Day of Reckoning

This is my book review of Stephan England’s novel, Day of Reckoning. Harry Nickles is a man used to terror. His position in the Clandestine Service has seen him travel to every possible hotbed of terrorism in the world, but when one of his team members turned traitor during their last mission, it added to the already intense paranoia that accompanies any career spy. Assassination attempts and terror attacks leave Washington D.C. in chaos and Harry is forced to go … Continue reading

Book Review: Skylar Wishes

Here is my book review of Tina L. Hook’s, Skylar Wishes. Read it, then buy the book.   Have you ever wished that you could be someone else? What if your wish was granted? Would you live your life in their place, or would your personality change the life you wished to have?  Sometimes getting what you asked for is not nearly as enjoyable as you imagined. When three women with a gift for magic become entangled in one another’s … Continue reading

40th Birthday Approaching

So this is the year when I turn forty. Being the end of the next full decade of life, this is supposed to be one of those years that I look back at how little I have accomplished and how little time I have left on this planet. I don’t feel like doing that. I have lived a pretty good life so far, and yes, there are things I screwed up, but without those I wouldn’t have the life I … Continue reading

Book Review: Epona

  Amelia remembered the first time she stepped into the stables belonging to the Frenchman. They had been pristine. His barns were built of not wood but of stone and mortar, which held them together well, despite the cold climate. The stalls were kept so clean that the horses never had a speck of dirt on them, even after being contained in them for some time. The men who took care of the horses lived in housing that was contained … Continue reading

Book Review: Blue Into The Rip

The flying machine hovered over the island of Dooleys Wood, a single blade whining in the balmy air. Various memorised schematics of helicopters popped into Blue’s mind (he remembered everything). The aircraft was like no other helicopter. A hybrid. Directional jet engines slung on either side of the fuselage. A traditional helicopter was heavy, noisy and mechanical, challenging gravity for a place in the sky. This machine had no such contest. A bronze-coloured, flitting hummingbird. The crack of breaking branches … Continue reading