100 Word Challenge, Day 324

“What if I don’t?” Evan whispered. “Then you are not the man I suspect you are, and I will not shed a tear at your death.” Hanse turned his back on Evan and continued down the hall.” Evan stood still for a moment. A warm gust of polluted air blew past him and curled around the soldier’s shoulders before dissipating. Hanse was as close as Evan had to a friend since he had fled DarkSide, and it hurt to be … Continue reading

100 Word Challenge, Day 319-323

  Hanse’s grin nearly reached from ear to ear. “Yeah, it’s a little strange not to hear him bitching in the halls.” He took one last look at the fingernails on his right hand, shrugged, and slipped the knife back into the hidden sheath behind his back. “I hate this part.” “What, the planning?” Evan asked. “No, I can handle a good planning session. It’s the waiting after the planning is done.” Hanse stood up and stepped back through the … Continue reading

Book Review: Epona

  Amelia remembered the first time she stepped into the stables belonging to the Frenchman. They had been pristine. His barns were built of not wood but of stone and mortar, which held them together well, despite the cold climate. The stalls were kept so clean that the horses never had a speck of dirt on them, even after being contained in them for some time. The men who took care of the horses lived in housing that was contained … Continue reading

100 Word Challenge, Day 304-306

The door slid open and the two guards charged in with their guns raised. “Don’t move!” The stepped out of the doorway and each leveled their gun at Margaret, but she was the picture of serenity while Aldric stood in the middle of the room with his shoulders heaving and his breathing loud. Darkside hired both of the men away from the lunar police years ago. They knew that their first job was to protect the man that paid their … Continue reading

A Whisper at Midnight – A Christmas Ghost Story

 This a re-post of a short story I wrote years ago. I intended to have a sequel written for this year, but I’ve been busy getting things closed up with my old job and getting ready for my new one, so here is my personal classic.  Enjoy.   “Psst! Wayne! Are you there?” That is what I heard every night at midnight since I had taken the job at Heceta Head Lighthouse. “Like I would be anywhere else,” I grumbled … Continue reading