A Whisper at Midnight – A Christmas Ghost Story

 This a re-post of a short story I wrote years ago. I intended to have a sequel written for this year, but I’ve been busy getting things closed up with my old job and getting ready for my new one, so here is my personal classic.  Enjoy.   “Psst! Wayne! Are you there?” That is what I heard every night at midnight since I had taken the job at Heceta Head Lighthouse. “Like I would be anywhere else,” I grumbled … Continue reading

Book Review: The Sword and the Flame: the Purging

“I understand you hunt unicorns.” Prevus shrugged, “I hunt many things.” He didn’t like the feeling the stranger was giving him. The fact someone had taken the time to track him down and knew so much about him put him on the defensive. The stranger smiled, “Unicorns are a prized commodity to the Minotaur, aren’t they?” “And to the Centaurs, Elves, and Nymphs.” Something was wrong, something he couldn’t put his finger on but his instincts were screaming at him. … Continue reading

Missy’s Adventure by Guamella Pellegrin

Here is another entry to my writing prompt challenge by Guamella Pellegrin. This little vignette is a lot of fun!   Missy’s Adventure by Guamella Pellegrin   My journey began when I pushed on the screen door and realized, “Hey, there’s a wide world out there!”  Scrambling through the open screen doorway, I was off to a good start.  Mom was on the telephone, and Dad was at work. Mopsie, our black and white cat, came over to give me … Continue reading

Book Review: Exmortus: Temples Diabolic

A powerful hand grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him back onto the dock. Ash’s limp body was thrown roughly to the ground, the key snatched from his hand. A moment later Ash was again airborne and moving rapidly down the docks, watching the white demon fly over the water towards him. A weak rasp escaped Ash’s throat. “Kill me.” A shrill laugh echoed off the stones of the small alleyway they had ducked into. “The most exquisite death … Continue reading

Book Review: The Sword and the Flame: The Forging

Gilliam rested his hand on mace’s handle, straining his hearing for another sound. After a few seconds the cleric’s patience was rewarded when voices drifted through the night air towards them. He glanced at his nephew and was pleased to see he heard the voices as well. Any further questions would have to wait as the fighter leapt to his feet and headed for the sound which began to sound like a scuffle. Gilliam said a quick prayer to Fallor … Continue reading