Apocalypse Runner 03-12-12

This is my entry for BeKindRewrite’s InMon Challenge. ****************************************************  The cheers of the assembled thugs did nothing for Bernard. He did his job because it was what he was paid to do. His contempt for the other member of the syndicate was well known by the very men who applauded him. He supposed it was some attempt to get in good with him, but he knew the truth. They feared him. “Congratulations, Bernard,” said Evan Jones, the leader of the syndicate’s … Continue reading

100 Word Challenge

So a couple of years ago I was reading a book about about being a better writer (I’ll hunt it down and let you know what it is later) and one of the chapters was about forcing yourself to write.  Now I have been pretty good since about October with writing consistantly even if my ADD keeps me from writing on only one project at a time and so I bounce around all over the place and though I am currently behind … Continue reading

Announcing the March Writer’s Challenge!

  Welcome to the first My Writer’s Cramp Writing Challenge!   Since I’ve started this blog I’ve met some great people and some great writers and I thought it might be fun to do a little writing challenge to share the works of my friends, introduce all of us to some new people and give us all a little something more to read (like we don’t all have more than enough right?). The challenge will be broken into two categories: … Continue reading