Just Before Midnight Musings

  Okay, I’m lying in bed and I can’t fall asleep so I thought I would share some of the things on my mind. This is not always a safe thing since this could all be a semi-lucid dream and the morning may tell me this was a bad idea, but I’m going to go for it.

At Least We Didn’t Lose

The Arizona Cardinals did not lose this weekend. I repeat, they did not lose.  The fact that they had a bye this week is irrelevant. The losing streak has ended!!! On another note, I had a great weekend. Soccer was awesome and I started work on setting up my server. I don’t really need a server right now, but it is a fun learning tool and I have been putting it off for a while. This week we start cub … Continue reading

The Future Looks Bright

Yesterday I talked about the awesome day that Zachary had and the turn around that seemed to have happened.  Today I want to talk about my younger son, Connor. Where Zachary is not the aggressive, athletic type, Connor is. Connor came into the season feeling confident, ready to play as a forward, but he struggled with that. He just never seemed like he could make that move to take the shot. He had a ton of assists and was a … Continue reading

Cardinals Win!

It does my heart good to see the Arizona Cardinals beat the Carolina Panthers in their first game of the season.  I live outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the Panthers and so I am constantly barraged with the sight of black, blue and silver. I’ve never beena fan of the Panthers and I don’t suppose I ever will. The game was a close one and the Arizona defense barely seemed able to hold Carolina at times, but they … Continue reading

Soccer Day!

Today we had the first of our official games. I coach the U-10 boys Thunder! For the South Iredell Soccer Association (SISA). My oldest son, Zachary, is on the team and I love getting to coach him. He is already showing improvement over last year and in today’s game he even managed a run at the goal which would never have happened last year. The team played well but we were playing the best team in our age group and … Continue reading