Whole Foods Countdown, 8 Days Remaining

This weekend was pretty good and I managed to avoid fast food altogether, though I did go out to eat on Friday and got something less than great for me. We had healthy meals over the weekend and even manage a vegan meal on Sunday night, so we’re definitely heading in the right direction, but I don’t know how prepared we will be on the first day of the challenge. One of the biggest challenges, not including the convenience factor, … Continue reading

Just A Quick Update

Well the day has come. Alone will start disappearing from my blog tonight.  I’ll be starting at the beginning and working my way forward.  I expect that by the end of the day tomorrow there will be no more posts online. It is a bittersweet thing I do really. That being said, I am sooooo looking forward to starting on the editing process. Not touching the story for the last week has been torturous.  I have spent the better part … Continue reading