Apocalypse Runner: Inspiration Monday 101711

The rest of their trip through the Labyrinth of Detroit was uneventful, at least as far as Bernard was concerned. They came across a few more guards, but Bernard dispatched them with ruthless efficiency.  They were hired guns, little more than thugs really, and most of them were not killers like he was. Their deaths were quick since he held no particular grudge against them and efficiency made for less noise. He was going through the motions, ready to be … Continue reading

Apocalypse Runner: Inspiration Monday 101011

Thin beams of early morning light shone through the numerous cracks in their hiding place, and still Felix had not returned. Bernard’s watchful gaze alternated between the corrugated steel that acted as their door and the girl he was being paid to bring back to Terra Haute. The night had been tense beyond the excitement created by passing patrols of the warlord’s guards and the roving packs of bandits. The girl, Rasine, had spent much of the night crying, and … Continue reading

Apocalypse Runner: Inspiration Monday 091911

“Rasine, eh? Nice name,” Felix said as he caught up with Bernard. “How are you going to get her back to Roscoe? You can’t exactly carry her over your shoulder the whole way back.  It might be uncivilized out there, but a man carrying a woman over his shoulder is still unusual enough to garner some attention.” “I figure we’ll just steal a horse and take the back way,” said Bernard. “No sense making it easy to follow us if … Continue reading

Apocalypse Runner: Inspiration Monday 091211

Her eyes were wide, terror filled, like a rabbit backed into a corner by a fox. Bernard was no fox, but he was certainly a predator of some sort, a wolf perhaps, but even that was far too limiting. Bernard fancied himself as more of chimera, a beast of ancient legend, singular, but possessing the attributes of numerous creatures. It was as close a comparison as he could imagine. “Don’t run and I won’t have to kill you,” Bernard said … Continue reading