Happy Birthday, Tracy

    Today is my wife’s birthday. I would tell you how old  is, but I like getting to spend the night in the same bed as her. She is amazing and I cannot imagine my life without her.  Here, on my blog, you get to read my writing and occasionally I share a little bit about my life, but I don’t often speak about how central to my life she is. She is there for me every day, no … Continue reading

100-Word Challenge, Day 083-084

“Yes, well get a list of refinements together, and an anticipated timeline, by tomorrow morning,” Aldric said. “We have lost a lot of time getting to this point. I would like to proceed with the roll out as soon as possible.” He turned and walked toward the door. “All of this equipment does not pay for itself you know.” He walked out of the lab and the door hissed shut behind him, leaving Evan and Margaret alone together for the … Continue reading

And The Baby Elephant Walk Played On…

Eleven years ago today I became the luckiest man in the world.  The love of my life said, “I do,” before all of our friends and family and she has stuck with me for eleven years. We are not that mythical perfect couple, nor do we have a perfect marriage.  We fight, we yell, we cry.  Most of all though we love.  There is no question that we love each other and would give anything for each other.   We have … Continue reading


  There are some people who say that the way I feel is an illness. I’m not one of them. What drives me is really the purest form of love. It is a love so powerful that it consumes my every moment. If everyone wants to be loved, why wouldn’t someone want to be loved so completely? My therapist is one of the people who think what I have is an illness. I know she does. I peeked at her … Continue reading