Book Review – The Dagger of Adendigaeth

Alliances form and break as new discoveries are made and old loves rekindled. In The Dagger of Adendigaeth, the characters from the book Cephrael’s Hand plunge THE GOOD This book, much like the last, is very well written. The world is fantastic, well described and diverse. The characters continue to grow and develop beyond their origins. The twists and turns of the personal stories and the greater story keeps the reader turning pages at a rapid pace. It was often … Continue reading

Book Review: Skylar Wishes

Here is my book review of Tina L. Hook’s, Skylar Wishes. Read it, then buy the book.   Have you ever wished that you could be someone else? What if your wish was granted? Would you live your life in their place, or would your personality change the life you wished to have?  Sometimes getting what you asked for is not nearly as enjoyable as you imagined. When three women with a gift for magic become entangled in one another’s … Continue reading

Book Review: Thorns of Glass

 They say when you die it’s like traveling down a tunnel with a blinding white light at the end, and everyone you ever knew and loved, everyone who has gone before you, will be there to welcome you. But it wasn’t like that at all. Not for me. It was more like stepping from one world to the next; trading one bleak existence for another.        Maybe there is a tunnel. Something connecting this world to the next, but I … Continue reading

Book Review: LoveClub

This is a first for me. I am going to put a  caveat at the beginning of this review. The author is Hungarian and writes in Hungarian. I do not speak Hungarian. The copy I received was an English translation, and I am willing to assume that some aspects of the translation did not come off perfectly. When you read my review, keep all of that in mind.

Book Review: Luna for the Lunies!

This Turkey Won’t Fly by MARCELLA CARBORUNDUREM-McVORTVORT, Reality News Service Food and Drink Writer   It was a typical holiday dinner for Rochester Carioca and his family. Gramma complained that the twins, Philomena and Agamemnon, had stolen her dentures to replace a missing piece so that they could finish their game of Mousetrap. Rochester’s wife, Libretta, left the turkey in the oven long enough to force a redefinition – with highly negative connotations – of the term “crispy,” forcing him … Continue reading