Whole Foods Challenge, Week One

Last week we were supposed to start our whole foods challenge. We got off to a rough start wehn my wife came down with a nasty head cold and her food needs and desires became very specific. The vegan options I had prepared were not what she had in mind and I ended up spending a lot of time running out to various restaurants and fast food chains picking up meat and dairy laden products for dinner. I am a … Continue reading

Whole Foods Countdown, 5 Days Remaining

  Falconne007 /Free Photos I look at the countdown and realize the end is almost upon me. It is a new start to a healthier lifestyle, but I am approaching it with some dread. No more meat…no fast food…scary stuff man. I have grown up in a processed food world and leaving it behind makes me nervous. My parents, especially my mom, always did a good job of making home cooked meals and much of it was whole food before … Continue reading