During last night’s miniature painting stream, I planned on painting a couple of miniatures for players in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and then if time allowed I would work on my next large dragon project. True to form, I overestimated my ability to finish two miniatures in time to still have time to work on the big dragon. I managed to get both miniatures done well enough for tomorrow’s campaign session, but I will want to take a little more time to pick up some of the detail.


Virette, the Half-Elf Druid/Circle of the Land (Arctic), is the latest addition to the party and was found beneath the Scrublands, held captive by a group of Mindflayers.

This one was a fun challenge because I’ve never done clear structures on a mini and wanted to make the shield and the crystal look solid but still translucent. I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. The skin did not translate well in the picture, but I’m not a huge fan of the Crusader Skin anyways. When I come back to finish it off I’ll lighten it up some and do the face as well.

Paint List

  • Army Painter Speed Paint: Magic Blue
  • Army Painter Speed Paint: Cloudburst Blue
  • Army Painter Speed Paint: Sand Golem
  • Army Painter Speed Paint: Dark Wood
  • Army Painter Speed Paint: Crusader Skin
  • Army Painter: Matt White
  • Vallejo Game Color: Polished Gold
  • Citadel Contrast: Apothecary White
  • Citadel Contrast: Hexwraith Flame
  • Citadel Technical: Tesseract Glow
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Fire Giant Orange

Thoun the Bottomless

Thoun the Bottomless, the Half-Orc Fighter/Champion, is one of the few original party members and is often as much a creator of problems as he is a solver of them.

While a fairly standard paint job, the player asked the sword to look a bit like Damascus steel, so that was a bit of a challenge, but I like the way it turned out. I started with a base of Broadsword Silver and used a thin application of Night Scales to give it the effect. For the armor, I used the Polished silver and used a little of the Night Scales to darken up some areas. The player wants the face a bit darker, so a green shade along with the facial feature details should help with that.

Paint List

  • Army Painter: Night Scales
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Orc Skin
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Hardened Leather
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Polished Silver
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Highlord Blue
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Broadsword Silver
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Talos Bronze
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Sand Golem
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Grim Black
  • Army Painter Speed Paints: Fire Giant Orange

I showed the finished pieces to both players after the stream last night and they were both pleased. I look forward to amping up the details.

Coming Next Week

Next week will be gap filling on the big dragon. There may be some painting too, but that will depend on how the gap filling goes.

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