Same Old Man, New Sweatshirt

What a week it has been. I was reminded that taking three days off from work means you’ll have twice as much work for the next five. I’ve put in more than forty hours this week just trying to make sure I am caught up before the weekend gets here. Working some last night and starting early this morning has got me heading in the right direction to be sure.


So my streaming schedule got a bit interrupted this week due to a power outage. You may remember that I said I would work on a few D&D miniatures in my post on Monday. Unfortunately, the power went out during a big storm and did not come back until late in the night. We actually had a couple of tornados touch down in the area and they were not kind to the power grid.

On Tuesday the power situation was better and I could stream Baldur’s Gate 3. I’ve streamed it before, but this time it was a little special because I was starting over from the Official Version and not the Early Access Version which I had plugged about 60 hours into. I purposely stopped playing last month in anticipation of the official release.

There were some changes and the graphics were nicer, but much of the storyline was the same so far. I purposely made some different choices and paid for it by getting my butt kicked in the Druid’s Grove where in previous play-throughs I never really got in a fight. I’m exploring around a bit and taking my time before I head to the next big quest. It is a heck of a lot of fun and I look forward to playing some more with others joining in.

This brings me to an announcement I wanted to make regarding my streaming schedule. For the last six months, I have been streaming only two days a week with an occasional extra day here and there. Starting next week I’ll be streaming once a week with an occasional extra stream every now and then. I did a lot of thinking about this and came to the decision after talking with my loved ones. The plan is to paint on Mondays still, but I’ll be using Tuesday night time to focus on my editing and writing. I am behind schedule on editing the new books (update below) and want to dedicate more time to finishing it up. I would have put a pause on all streaming, but I was told not to so I could avoid burnout. So, I will still be streaming, but much less than before. I was considering keeping my Tuesday stream in place, but making it a writing stream instead. What do you think? Have you watched writing streams before? Would you be interested in a writing stream that I was doing?

Dungeons & Dragons

I understand I have not been sharing any information on my current D&D campaign, but I plan on changing that now. To start things off I’ll be giving a quick summary and some links to share information on the campaign. I plan on doing a complete recap of the campaign to date including character information in a future post (link to come).

A Return To Civilization

Following reaching the end of a cave they were exploring and defeating the Illithids they encountered, the party (Nightwish) decided it was best to make haste to return to the city of Paddlebrook. Before they could leave, their cleric, Follo, who died fighting the Illithids was resurrected by a mysterious benefactor unbeknownst to the rest of the party. His resurrection was met with some suspicion and eventual excitement, though Follo appeared to be suffering a crisis of faith.

They traveled through the caves back to the entrance, stopping briefly to stay with a friendly tribe of Kobolds. They left their brain-dead Ranger (Int 0 from Intellect Devourer attack) with the Kobolds to recover so they could travel faster, fearing the impending Gnoll attack on Paddlebrook. The rest of the journey was uneventful other than a pair of party members almost losing a Bucket of Holding while trying to mine gemstone from a natural well.

Upon returning to the surface they could see great pillars of smoke in the distance and feared the worst, but upon arrival at Paddlebrook they found the fires were the burning corpses of the gnolls who attacked. After some conversations with friends, they learn that the gnoll attack was disorganized, leading the party to believe their killing of the Illithids who were manipulating the gnolls was responsible for their epic failure. The Baron and his advisors agreed, especially once the corpse of a mindflayer was laid at their feet.

The party received a generous reward for their efforts, which included a large tract of land to the north of the city. The party celebrated, shopped, and discussed their next course of action.

There was not much adventuring this week, but a whole lot of roleplaying, which I always enjoy. Next week they may be heading to the Empire to the north of their holdings in hopes of finding information and better shopping.

This Week In Writing

It has been a rough week for editing, but that is why I am cutting back on streaming. I’m more than halfway through editing A Murder of Wizards, and I hope to be even further along by the end of the weekend. In my effort to make this the highest quality book of mine yet, I find myself working a lot harder than ever, and sometimes that feels a lot like pure torture. I’ve learned a lot during this process and I think everyone will be pleased with the results, despite being later than expected.

Next Week

Next week starts the new regime of less streaming and more painting. I’ll be working on the projects I missed out on this week and hope to provide some additional information on my progress. In looking at Jim Butcher’s website I may just have to steal a couple of ideas to add to my own. Katie starts school next week so my schedule may get a little topsy turvy with pickup and dropoffs happening, so we will see how it goes.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. What projects are you working on? What sort of questions would you like answered in my next post? Have you checked out the Merch Shop?

Thanks again for stopping by and giving the blog a read. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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