Book Review: Gabriel: Zero Point

Gabriel stared at the capsule, Knowles’s last two words resonating in his head. Zero point. Before he had a chance to ask the doctor what she meant, she continued.  “Zero point doesn’t refer to the mythical energy source, or the grade point average of some of the grunts I’ve met. It’s a term referred to by the Pakistani philosopher Aban Gurmani about a decade ago in his book. He used the term to signify a rebirth, but not like being born again. … Continue reading

Book Review: Gabriel’s Revenge

Renay. He felt his teeth involuntarily clench at the thought of her in trouble. The last time they had spoken, she had told him to come back safe. He looked down at his left hand. His palm bore a burn mark from the Geltex that had killed Sennett on Eden. He hadn’t even noticed it during the assault, but over the past two days it had bothered him more and more. The memories of his lost men — of Sennett … Continue reading

Book Review: Gabriel’s Return

He looked up at the door at the top of the stairs, still sealed. Hoping the worst was over, he leaned down to whisper to Magali. Just as he started to speak, he heard the soft beep from above. He looked towards the door and watched as it began to slide aside. His spirits rose for a bit; only the guard would have code access to the door, and it would be retina scan only in times of lockdown. The … Continue reading

My Green Eyed Monster and the Obsession It Has Created

This month has been a rough one writing wise.  I am behind my goal curve and though I have time to make up the difference I have a hard time imagining my doing so.  I think I’m a little burned out from the massive effort of last month, but i’m trying not to let that happen.  My two main projects have been a struggle for me as of late.  Last month the words came so easy, but now i look … Continue reading

Book Review: Gabriel’s Redemption

“Drop in five, four, three, two, one…DROP, DROP, DROP!” Gabriel’s head was slammed back against the padded wall of the drop capsule, known to drop-troopers as coffins, as the Marcinko spat the team from the drop bay like bullets. Nine capsules shot towards the surface of Poliahu at over seven G’s. After the initial shock, Gabriel relaxed his breathing and had his neuretics bring up the drop data in Mindseye. Nine green dots, falling towards the surface at over 18,000 miles per hour, all secure … Continue reading