Book Review: One Right Tricky Bastard

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As an aspiring writer I tend to read a lot and I tend to read in the genre’s that I’m interested in and that I want to write in.  Every once in a while a friend will talk me into reading something […]

Book Review: Excelsior

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“Matthew, so few humans achieve their destiny before leaving this world. You have that chance.” Matthew Peters had spent the last seven years creating the ultimate online comic hero. He never dreamed that he would find the true hero within himself. Last […]

Book Review: Gabriel’s Redemption

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“Drop in five, four, three, two, one…DROP, DROP, DROP!” Gabriel’s head was slammed back against the padded wall of the drop capsule, known to drop-troopers as coffins, as the Marcinko spat the team from the drop bay like bullets. Nine capsules shot towards the surface […]

Book Review: Sebastian and the Afterlife

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“I can’t be dead…that’s ridiculous.” But a feeling inside told him that this was not a dream.  His face sank and his stomach sickened as he came to grips with his current state. “So, I’m a ghost?” The rationalization was disorienting. How […]

Book Review: My Frankenstein

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  Then Pain shot through her and she fell out of the blackness towards the speck of light. She heard Viktor shouting. He was no longer speaking to her but to Igor. “There was a reaction!” said Viktor Another jolt of pain […]

Book Review: The King Whisperers

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Niccolo Machiavelli is a character many have heard of, but few really know much about. The name itself conjures up images of power-hungry politicians, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, and deceitful, diabolical acts. But we forget that Machiavelli was a real, flesh-and-blood person. As a […]

Indie Book Collective presents The Tour de Troops!

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Did you know that over 300 overseas troops who have requested books? And this blog tour is going to make sure they get them! How are we going to do that? Through the Indie Book Collective’s massive social media presence, the  Collective […]

Book Review: Bone Dressing

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“I mean honestly, how could I possibly be sitting on the roof of some stranger’s house, in the middle of the night no less, chaos and destruction laid out in front of me, caused by me, and feel…comforted, righteous even?” It is […]

Book Review: Shifters

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“This is not a diary or a journal.  This is a record for anyone who comes after me. There were, are, and will be thousands of millions of copies of it, but this is the only one you will ever find. This […]

Book Review – Inconstant Moon

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“Liz’s real problemis living in the dorm.  What they call ‘the Res.”  It’s not the same as living with family, even hers, which is big by today’s standards.  You can shut the door on brothers. All of the other students. Strangers to […]