Beyond the Dark Side: Chapter One

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“Not to make things any gloomier, but what happens if you die?” Margaret asked.

Evan went pale, but Aldric smiled and said, “The lab explodes and the moon falls into chaos.” Aldric walked around the room to the locked liquor cabinet, reached into his pocket, and pulled an old-fashioned key for the mechanical lock. “So, it is in everybody’s best interest to keep me alive.” He pushed the key into the lock and turned it. The satisfying click of the lock opening made him smile. “There is something to be said for the beauty of simple things,” he whispered.

Beyond the Darkside: Chapter Three

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Aldric lay in bed looking out the window overhead. It was one of the few luxuries he afforded himself. Having windows on the moon was expensive, and a little dangerous, but being locked inside his labs for most of his waking hours […]

Beyond The Darkside: Chapter Four

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Silence filled the lab as another test ended. The brief respite from the hours filled with the high-pitched whine of overworked power converters was a relief. Weeks of testing resulted in little progress in containing the massive energy output of Aldric’s dimensional […]

Beyond The Darkside: Chapter Five

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CHAPTER FIVE “It happened again,” Evan said as he slammed his fist onto the table. “Weeks of testing had and we have gotten no further. The containment field harmonics just fall apart once those damn signals start appearing.” Aldric is certain that […]

Beyond the Darkside: Chapter Six

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The desk in front of him was empty, but Aldric stared at its surface with all the intensity of a laser. He watched his lover flirting with one of the lab technicians, and he hated them both for it. She was his.

Beyond the Darkside: Chapter Eight

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“Okay, bring it forward one picosecond,” Evan ordered. His head was locked into a focus helmet that canceled out all movement, including his breathing and his heartbeat, so he could see things more clearly than a regular microscope would allow. It was […]

Beyond the Darkside: Chapter Nine

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Aldric Screamed in rage as he slammed his fist into the wall of his office and shattered the bones in his hand. He knew that bastard Evan was up to something, and Margaret was involved somehow. He recognized the lust in Evan’s […]

Beyond The Darkside: Chapter 10

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The dimensional rift closed with a bang they could hear despite the heavy shielding and soundproofing that went into the conversion chamber. Evan quickly looked over the data, confirming what he knew to be true: everything worked. The over-sized batteries, designed to […]