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I have been painting miniatures since the late 80’s. I’ve had stretches where I did not do much of anything, and the worst stretch was from 2005 to 2021. Life was moving fast for me and painting was something that I would find time for again later. Well later turned out to be 16 years later. My son, Connor, asked for miniatures and paints for his 16th birthday. I thought it would be fun to paint with him, so I picked up a single miniature for myself. As soon as we started painting I was hooked as bad as I ever was in the past. Soon I was getting a 3D printer so I could print my own and buying better paints and brushes. Soon I was streaming my painting on my Twitch and getting involved in different mini painting communities online.

One of the coolest things about painting now versus 20 years ago is that the resources are much more plentiful and so much better. Youtube videos and demonstrations show me tips and tricks I should have learned long ago, but never got a full grasp of. Now I am striving to get better with every new job, I am doing commissions, and growing a painting community of my own.

Click the links below to see some samples of my work. Drop me a comment, offer some recommendations, and I hope you enjoy.


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