Book Review: Shifters

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“This is not a diary or a journal.  This is a record for anyone who comes after me. There were, are, and will be thousands of millions of copies of it, but this is the only one you will ever find. This […]

Book Review – Inconstant Moon

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“Liz’s real problemis living in the dorm.  What they call ‘the Res.”  It’s not the same as living with family, even hers, which is big by today’s standards.  You can shut the door on brothers. All of the other students. Strangers to […]

Book Review: Listening to Ian Magick

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“At my feet, her headless body jerked with spasms.  It seemed to be trying to sit up. The legs shook and the arms flailed as blood spurted from the neck. The red liquid splashed onto my hands and my feet. then the body gave out […]

Book Review: A Line in the Ice

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Its weapon fell limply onto the ice. A few yards away, Theo’s monster finally crumpled to the ground. “Jesus Christ.” Theo straightened and approached the fallen creatures. “I don’t like the fact that they’re getting smarter.” “Are they?” She holstered her weapon […]

Book Review: Pandora’s Grave

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 He had felt the evil of the place from the moment they had arrived. Something palpable, something he could sense in the very air. And now it had manifested itself in the body of the young man at his feet. Young man? […]

Book Review: Gabriel’s Return

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He looked up at the door at the top of the stairs, still sealed. Hoping the worst was over, he leaned down to whisper to Magali. Just as he started to speak, he heard the soft beep from above. He looked towards […]

Book Review: Exmortus

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Kurt and Dale collapsed to the ground, their fingernails clawing deep into their skulls. The Zanon boy’s body stiffened, tiny spots of blood appearing all over his body. Markov dropped the long sword he was holding and clutched his chest, furiously clawing at […]

Book Review: Raw Vengeance

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“Why did he do it?” Rich asked Rhonda, hoping she would see the implications. “What? Go after the mayor? He’s pissed he got the axe, that’s why.” “No, that’s not what I meant,” Rich said, trying to get his point across. “He […]