Book Review: Song of Secrets

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Shifting was weird. Transformation always felt like being hit in the forehead so suddenly that her consciousness fell backwards out of her body. There was a dizzying minute while she got her bearings. She’d learned not to move during that time. Theo […]

Book Review: Alt.Histroy 101

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What if? It is a simple question. What if I hadn’t gone to work this morning? Would I still have gotten in a car wreck in the afternoon? What if I had taken Mary to prom instead of Nancy? Would I still […]

Book Review: The Author Mindset

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Ask any dedicated author and they will tell you that coming up with the idea for a story is probably the easiest part of the writing process. Sitting down and writing the book is certainly time consuming, while editing and rewriting is […]

Book Review: Galerie

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Welcome to the Galerie Tour with Author Steven Greenburg Book Review by Eric Swett Survival is an instinct all animals share. Fight or flight. When humans are put into a position where survival is on the line, there is no telling what […]

Time Vandal

Book Review: First Epiphany of the Time Vandal

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Rollins finished lighting his cigar.  He shook out the match and laid it in the ashtray.  “Harald Bluetooth?” he queried, looking down at the book lying on the edge of Elijah’s desk. “Danish king, around 980 A.D.,” Elijah answered as he sat […]

Review: Tart #1

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I recently started working with Geek-O-Rama to do comic book reviews and last week my first review was published here. I encourage you to go and check out the site for reviews of all sorts of Geek oriented things. My latest review […]

Bella At The Bar: Book One

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Originally Posted on Geek-O-Rama. Writer:          Jenny McDade Artist:            John Armstrong Publisher:     Rebellion   Bella Barlow is an orphan with a dream. She wants to escape her life as a window washer working for her cruel aunt and uncle so that she can […]

Review: She Could Fly #1

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Originally Posted on Geek-O-Rama. Writer:          Cristopher Cantwell Artist:            Martin Morazzo Colorist:        Miroslav Mrva Letterer:        Clem Robins Publisher:     Dark Horse Comics A woman is seen flying about the city. No one knows who she is, or how she […]

Review: Euthanauts #1

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Originally Posted on Geek-O-Rama. Writer: Tini HowardArtist: Nick RoblesLetters: Aditya BidikarPublisher: IDW There was something special about the woman at the restaurant. Thalia did not know what it was, other than that she was obviously terminally ill, but that wasn’t it. No, […]

Review: Dead Life #1

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This review originally appeared at Geek-O-Rama. Writer: Jean-CharlesGaudinArtist: Joan UrgellColors: FolnyPublisher: Titan Comics Ground Zero. Stephen did not know that getting into his grandfather’s treasures in the attic so he could play Indiana Jones with the neighbor down the trail would lead […]