Book Review: Paths of Alir

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Alorin is caught in the grip of madness as an evil from the very edges of reality has set its sights on the destruction of both it and T’khendar. But there is hope in the form of the Fifth Vestal, Björn Van […]

Book Review: The Winter Creek Beast

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It’s not too unusual for a hiker to go missing in the woods around Winter Creek, but when a local celebrity famous for his big game hunting turns up dead, the apparent victim of a bear attack, Sheriff Jay Lightfeather can’t help […]

Book Review

Book Review – Fire and Dust

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War is an ugly business. There is conflict from the top to the bottom, between enemies and allies alike, and it is hard to survive the matter. But survival comes in many forms. For some it is enough to live, to see […]

Cover Reveal: The Winter Creek Hunter

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Not too long ago I wrote a review for C. P. Bialois’s The Winter Creek Beast and now I am proud to present the cover for the latest book in the series, The Winter Creek Hunter. If you haven’t read the first […]

Book Review – The Sword and the Flame: The Lightwalker

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The whispering sound of its voice resounded in Fleir’s ears. To listen to the words felt like a handful of razor claws were slicing through her mind. Steeling herself, she held back the pain to glare at the intruder. “You said you […]

Book Review – Logos

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BOOK REVIEW – LOGOS It is easy to forget that the stories written in the bible involved people outside of the main characters and their families. Real people living their lives in a time of great change were deeply effected by the […]

Book Review: Song of Secrets

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Shifting was weird. Transformation always felt like being hit in the forehead so suddenly that her consciousness fell backwards out of her body. There was a dizzying minute while she got her bearings. She’d learned not to move during that time. Theo […]

Book Review: Alt.Histroy 101

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What if? It is a simple question. What if I hadn’t gone to work this morning? Would I still have gotten in a car wreck in the afternoon? What if I had taken Mary to prom instead of Nancy? Would I still […]