Book Review: Gabriel’s Revenge

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Renay. He felt his teeth involuntarily clench at the thought of her in trouble. The last time they had spoken, she had told him to come back safe. He looked down at his left hand. His palm bore a burn mark from […]

Book Review: 2012: Timeline Apocalypse

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I heard a cry, looked up and there in a ray of sunshine, a bird spread its wings in a stretched arc above its head. He had his red crest completely fanned out and it radiated in the sunlight. The tips of […]

Book Review: Tallen

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Lisette and Tallen looked on in fixed horror as they saw the silhouettes of men creep out of the forest near the barn. Chalier had already grabbed his sword, not bothering with a raincoat as he ran through the door and into the night. […]

Book Review: The Day of the First Sun

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“My employer. I’ve told you, I don’t know who he is. I always dealt with his associate. He’d show up, leave notes, or send others with messages. I’ve never contacted him.” He looked from one to the other, but they both remained […]

Book Review: Luna for the Lunies!

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This Turkey Won’t Fly by MARCELLA CARBORUNDUREM-McVORTVORT, Reality News Service Food and Drink Writer   It was a typical holiday dinner for Rochester Carioca and his family. Gramma complained that the twins, Philomena and Agamemnon, had stolen her dentures to replace a […]

Book Review: The Sword of Neamha

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Just then, Tancogeistla rode by, as if an embodiment of our thoughts. Cavarillos was right. Our general’s face was flushed with the fire of liquor and he was unsteady in the saddle. Passing the lugoae, the levy spearmen, he cursed their leader and ordered them […]

Book Review: Gabriel: Zero Point

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Gabriel stared at the capsule, Knowles’s last two words resonating in his head. Zero point. Before he had a chance to ask the doctor what she meant, she continued.  “Zero point doesn’t refer to the mythical energy source, or the grade point […]

Book Review: Charlinder's Walk

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“We’re not ‘afraid of’ anything except giving you lot the idea that there is anything to talk about involving your God. Just who are you to decide what anyone should be talking about around here, anyway?” demanded Miriam. “Maybe we do it […]