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“I mean honestly, how could I possibly be sitting on the roof of some stranger’s house, in the middle of the night no less, chaos and destruction laid out in front of me, caused by me, and feel…comforted, righteous even?”

It is hard for me to remember how angst ridden my life as a teenager was, and to be honest there were moments that were times when my life would have fit into any teenage drama, but it seems like so long ago that I can hardly believe that it was me.  As a consequence I’m not a big fan of much that has to do with the life of teenagers.  When I started to read Bone Dressing by Michelle I. Brooks, I was immediately left feeling a little uncomfortable and to be honest it took a while for me to really get into the book because it is written in first person from the perspective of Sydney, a teenage girl with some serious drama in her life.  I slogged through it, putting aside my own bias and discomfort mostly due to the skillful writing of the author.
The book rolls on, adding drama upon drama to the life of this girl who has loads of potential but is distracted by her own self doubts, a tragic loss from when she was a child and the adults who refuse to understand her or actively try to thwart her.  In time she meets someone who is not put off by her brusque exterior, but her undeniable attraction to him and his mysterious message for her turns her already shaky world and flips it on its head.
Hidden amongst all of the drama is a story filled with the supernatural that compliments the existing drama.   When Sydney accidently opens a door to a power she never knew she had she uncovers an enemy she never knew existed and learns the true story of her past.  All of this  sets the backdrop for what I hope will be more books about Sydney and her battle with the Big Bad.

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