Welcome to the new website. It took me about a year to decide on whether or not I wanted to do this. You see I already have a website, but it is a sadly unattended thing at this time. Life got away from me and the last three or four years have been exceptionally tough. I am working my way past that, taking control back some, if you will, and so I looked at the site and realized it was clunky, outdated and needed more fixing than I could manage on my own. I’m not in any position to fix it up just yet, but that helped me come to the decision to start a new site. You see I have expanded beyond just writing and wanted a landing pad for some of my new content

The site is still in it’s early phases, under construction if you will, so expect things to change over time as I figure it all out and put it all together. I welcome your comments and input on all of it, blog posts, miniature painting, writing, the site, my stream, all of it. I am all about growing and getting better at the things I love to do, so lay it on me.

aka. Eric Swett

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