A little more than a week ago I setup a twitch account and started live streaming some of the video games I play. So far I have only streamed Mechwarrior Online and Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s been fun and I have met a few new people, so that is cool.

My tagline for the streams is that I am the Old Man Sucking at Playing Games. It is a fitting monaker because I really am pretty bad at video games. Don’t get me wrong, the more I play the better I get, but even that is not enough to say I am any good really. My friends at work that I play with Joke about starting up new games they can carry me through. I could be annoyed by that, but honestly I am embracing my rank mediocrity.

After a week of streaming I can tell you that it is way more fun when someone is viewing the live stream and interacting with you. If there is no interaction you are basically talking to yourself and anyone who watches the video after the fact. I actually get more views on my recordings thaan my live streams, but that may be because I stream later at night (9:30-1130PM Eastern) and people are catching them after the fact. I hope to grow the number of followers I have as I refine my channel.

One thing I discovered with Twitch thata I did not know before is that they also do live streaming of D&D campaigns and an assortment of other things, so maybe streaming my Roll20 D&D game will be in the future, but for now I am keeping it on the Video Games.

Do you have a Twitch stream or do you watch Twitch Streams? Wht kind of content do you like?

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