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“This is not a diary or a journal.  This is a record for anyone who comes after me. There were, are, and will be thousands of millions of copies of it, but this is the only one you will ever find.

This book only exists in case I die.  If you’re reading this, I’m probably dead.  If I’m not, I’m going to want this back.  I’ll also want to find a way to keep you quiet. I suggest you find me before I find you.”

Zachary Umstead’s novellette, Shifters, is a great little afternoon read, an introduction to his series of young adult books that will be hitting your favorite online bookstore soon.  This 13 year old author has quite a career in front of him if his follow up work is as good and if his talents grows with his years he’ll be a force to reckon with by the time he’s an adult.

Shifters introduces us to Alex, a football player who makes a horrible decision.  Wracked with regret he is given a second chance, a life with a do-over.  His new found gift sets him on a course where doing the right thing becomes a whole lot easier and a whole lot more dangerous.

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