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In December of 1776 Thomas Paine once wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” He was talking about the American Revolution and he spoke about how it was important for the colonists to join the revolution, to fix what was wrong now rather than leave it for their children,  He was a revolutionary, passionate in his beliefs and persecuted for his often unpopular thoughts.  I imagine if he were alive today he would be agast at the state of the world.  [youtube=] Would his ability to speak to the common men and women as well as the powerful be dissipated by today’s media or would his words ring through the clutter of popular culture?  I worry about the world and the America that my children will inherit.  We have lost our way.  We fight over whose side is right while people starve.  Reality TV stars command what would be middle-class annual wages for a single appearance.  We spend billions on the military, but can’t provide classrooms that aren’t overloaded or lacking proper materials.  We pollute and destroy the natural world, but fail to act…unless it is convenient for us.  It is up to us to set the example, to lead the way so that our children stand a fighting chance in the world we leave behind.


0 thoughts on “The Time To Act Is Now

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    So thoughtful, Eric and so true. Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

    I also have been noting that your 100-day writing challenge is rapidly (at least to your readers) coming to an end! So what will be your next challenge? 😀

    1. Eric Swett

      Actually its nowhere near ending. It is actually a 100-word challenge. Somehow during one of the postings I accidentaly replaced word with day. The challenge is meant to be ongoing…100 words a day…sometimes its a little over, but at least 100-words. I’m sorry for the confusion.

      1. Aj b33m3R

        That’s good to know!

  2. Aj b33m3R

    I don’t even bother checking the news half the time any more. Just depresses me, such a lack of empathy in the world these days. It paralyzes me with anxiety and frustration sometimes.

    I don’t like to wish ill will on people but a lot of people need to be “humbled” in this world.

    1. Eric Swett

      I know the feeling. I hate the way we’ve become a country willing to let people suffer and fall to the wayside while glorifying the rich and famous.

      1. Aj b33m3R

        I was watching The Dark Knight last night, your comment made me think of what the Joker said to Harvey Dent in the hospital, something about if a bus load of people dies we just accept it as “$hit happens” but when someone kills a mayor (or someone more famous than the average Joe) pure chaos ensues.

        1. Eric Swett

          So very true. It takes a celebrity suffering to make real news. Remember a few years ago when Nashville was hit by flooding? What made the news? Country Singers with houses being flooded. Never mind all of the regular people who could never afford the recovery.

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