Missy’s Adventure by Guamella Pellegrin

Here is another entry to my writing prompt challenge by Guamella Pellegrin. This little vignette is a lot of fun!   Missy’s Adventure by Guamella Pellegrin   My journey began when I pushed on the screen door and realized, “Hey, there’s a wide world out there!”  Scrambling through the open screen doorway, I was off to a good start.  Mom was on the telephone, and Dad was at work. Mopsie, our black and white cat, came over to give me … Continue reading

Mo Mo, Here I Come! by Guam Pellegrin

This is a poem submitted by my good friend, Guam Pellegrin, in response to the Writing Prompt Challenge I submitted.  Make sure to leave her a comment to let her know what you think!   Mo Mo, Here I Come!   Mo Mo, I’m on my way over Gotta tiny turn to make, Shine up the rocking chair, While this road  I take.   Get out all your keys, Pots, pans and bowls; Dust off the cookie jar, And remember, … Continue reading

Apocalypse Runner 03-26-12

Bernard slipped into the darkness outside of his room, and ran past the buildings of the old high school. He dodged through the open spaces, turning down the alleys that a generation earlier would have been filled with students, if it weren’t in the middle of the night. He thanked the heavens for the thick layer of clouds overhead. He was unsure whether he hoped for rain or not. A dry night would make it easier to run away, and … Continue reading

The Future Looks Bright

Yesterday I talked about the awesome day that Zachary had and the turn around that seemed to have happened.  Today I want to talk about my younger son, Connor. Where Zachary is not the aggressive, athletic type, Connor is. Connor came into the season feeling confident, ready to play as a forward, but he struggled with that. He just never seemed like he could make that move to take the shot. He had a ton of assists and was a … Continue reading

Apocalypse Runner: Inspiration Monday 091911

“Rasine, eh? Nice name,” Felix said as he caught up with Bernard. “How are you going to get her back to Roscoe? You can’t exactly carry her over your shoulder the whole way back.  It might be uncivilized out there, but a man carrying a woman over his shoulder is still unusual enough to garner some attention.” “I figure we’ll just steal a horse and take the back way,” said Bernard. “No sense making it easy to follow us if … Continue reading