Yesterday I talked about the awesome day that Zachary had and the turn around that seemed to have happened.  Today I want to talk about my younger son, Connor.

Where Zachary is not the aggressive, athletic type, Connor is. Connor came into the season feeling confident, ready to play as a forward, but he struggled with that. He just never seemed like he could make that move to take the shot. He had a ton of assists and was a big contributor, but never got the kill shot.  In the last few weeks he was switched over defense and his play came alive. He was in the mix, making plays and denying his opponents the opportunity to score.

We talked with the coaches and talked amongst ourselves and figured out what had made the difference. Connor is competitive, but he loves to compete against other people. Forwards are more about avoiding direct conflict so they can make the shot. Defenders go after the guy with the ball and take it from him. Connor wants to beat the other guy and he is damn good at it.

Today, Connor tried out for a tournament team. He did great, but didn’t make the cut. He was one of two six year olds competing against two dozen seven and eight year olds and was told he was too young for the team. Two of his team mates and two of Zachary’s have made the first cut. Connor was disappointed, but he handles it like a champ and understood what had happened and is determined to make it next year.  He is a fighter and his attitude is awesome. I love watching play, but I love the young man he is becoming.

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