Here is another entry to my writing prompt challenge by Guamella Pellegrin. This little vignette is a lot of fun!


Missy’s Adventure by Guamella Pellegrin

Writing Prompt Challenge Guamella Peregrin


My journey began when I pushed on the screen door and realized, “Hey, there’s a wide world out there!”  Scrambling through the open screen doorway, I was off to a good start.  Mom was on the telephone, and Dad was at work.

Mopsie, our black and white cat, came over to give me a quick tongue-bathing.  Now my face shines like that giant yellow ball in the sky.

Johnny is over in his yard next door, swinging in his tire swing.  I had better hurry and get going before he sees me and tattles.  I head toward the rose garden next door.  Their sweet scents draw me to them.  “Ouch!”  This one just stuck me with its thorns!  I better keep going before Mrs. Johnson’s puppy, Sparkles, starts barking at me.
Uh-oh, what is this?  Let me touch it.  It looks exactly like the round green balls that Mom brings home from the grocery store, and when she cuts it open, the red part inside tastes sweet and juicy.  Mom takes out all of the black seeds in it.  Dad loves these, and so do I.
Wow! Look at this over here!   There’s a house at the top of this pole, where black birds are flying around it, and some sitting on its roof!
I guess I had better head back toward home before Mom finds me gone and spanks me.  Here it is!  I recognize these steps!  Let’s see if I can get back up.  This wasn’t as easy as I thought.  Whew!  I am finally up.  Now let’s see if I can get back inside.  Yes, the door is barely open, and I am now back inside.  I am SO-O-O-o-o-o tired, though.  I think I will take a short nap now, just a few minutes here on this rug.
As I lay my head down, all of a sudden a gigantic brown, fire-breathing dragon swoops down from above, and clamps tightly to my diaper, pulling me  high into the air.  High over the trees it carries me, its talons gripping my backside.Though scary, I can see all the homes and cars and shops so far down.  I feel the mighty whoosh of the dragon’s wings, and the heat from its body right above me.
We pass over the ant-sized city, then an unseen archer’s arrow plunges into the dragon’s swollen belly, where a scale is missing, and immediately it turns me loose and down I go.  An eagle catches my diaper in its beak and brings me safely to the ground.  The city still appears toy-size and I feel like a monster, as the eagle shows me which way to go.  Nearby, a whirlwind is moving in the same direction so I follow it all the way back home.  Strange that it knew where I lived!
The next thing I realize is, I wake up in my bed, and Mom is preparing a tasty breakfast, and as I  look down on my sheet, there lies a lone dragon scale!
By Guamella Pellegrin
June 15, 2013



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