From time to time I’ve been known to review a book, game, movie, television show or album.   The important thing to remember is that Reviews are opinions and nothing more.  It really doesn’t matter how fantastic your education is, when it comes right down to it a review by anyone is just an opinion.  As a rule I have used movie reviews as a way to decide what I should go see…I wait to see what they think is awful and head straight for it.  For the most part I find myself enjoying the movies that are found lacking by critics.  To me, entertainment, in all of its forms, is about pleasure.  It is great when my entertainment makes me think about something I normally wouldn’t, or question something I hadn’t before, but some times I just want to enjoy things exploding or sucking the braincells out my ear…I do it for the pleasure.

So what does that mean about my reviews?  Well it means that when I do a review I’m generally going to give a positive review to things I enjoy and a negative review to things I don’t.  I’m not going to spend my time ripping apart a movie or book to share with you how much I did or din’t like a particular aspect, but I’ll make sure you know what I thought about it.

If you disagree with me?  Awesome!  There are times when you will and I hope you tell me about it and why.  The only thing I ask is that you stay away from personal attacks, because, well they’re just not nice and really less than productive.

Everyone has an opinion, and if you’re reading this then you’re probably a little interested in mine, so have a read and enjoy.

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