100 Word Challenge, Day 292

100 Word Challenge “Sir,” said Isaac over the intercom, “there is someone here to see you.”

Aldric had to stop himself from throwing the tongs down on the floor. “Why is it so damn hard to find someone who can follow orders?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I couldn’t make that out. Please, say again.”

“I’m fucking busy!” Aldric screamed. “What part of that can’t you understand?”

“I know, sir, but—“

“You know nothing! My work is very important and if I have to deal with constant interruptions then I won’t have it finished in time!”

Aldric stopped to take a deep breath so that he could continue berating his head of security, but Isaac quickly interrupted him. “It’s Doctor Vo.”

“I don’t care…” Aldric trailed off. “Margaret?”


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