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This is my book review of Stephan England’s novel, Day of Reckoning.

Book Review

Harry Nickles is a man used to terror. His position in the Clandestine Service has seen him travel to every possible hotbed of terrorism in the world, but when one of his team members turned traitor during their last mission, it added to the already intense paranoia that accompanies any career spy. Assassination attempts and terror attacks leave Washington D.C. in chaos and Harry is forced to go rogue in order to protect the terrorists’ next target.


High stakes action and realistic espionage fill almost every page of this book, making it a fast paced read that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters are intense and filled with flaws that make them relatable, despite the fact that they live lives that most of us would never fully understand. The author displays a knowledge of firearms and tactics that, if not real, at least is written well enough to make the reader think that the author has first-hand experience.


The story is wide ranging in its scope, so at times it feels a little drawn out. The plot within plot structure make it feel like you are reaching the end of the book a couple of times, only to be drawn back in, but this is a minor thing and does little to detract from the overall strength of the book.


Stephen England hit this one out of the ballpark and ends the book with a hook to its sequel that will leave you salivating for more. In the genre of espionage thrillers you will be hard pressed to find better than this book, or this author.

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