Daily Food Intake
BreakfastApple Cinnamon Cheerios, 22oz coffee with flavored creamer
AM SnackSmall Gala Apple
Lunch1/2 portion Canned Meat Ravioli’s, Qinoa
PM SnackLarge Cutie, cheese and crackers
DinnerSplit Pea Soup

chocolate Milk, dry roasted peanuts 








So I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, despite a rough night’s sleep (sooo many interuptions). By eleven I had eaten my snack and was still hungry. I’m a little sore from karate last night, but not as much as the day before. I was very hungry thorugh the early afternoon and even after dinner I felt hungry even though I had a good sized bowl of soup. I have been better about drinking my water thoough and I think it has at least made a difference in my muscle ache.

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