I have some really good news. The Kickstarter for A Murder of Wizards has been fully funded with a little less than two weeks to go. I’m thrilled and so grateful. I took a bit of a risk and it has paid off so far thanks to the backers.

Work continues on the book with it reaching 70,500 words before the editing kicked in again. The word count is dropping as I’m tightening up the book sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph. Editing can be pure torture, but I am so excited that it is something I look forward to each night.

For a little bit of bad news, I have not finished my post for the next panel from Ret-Con. I will have it done this weekend. With a short week do to a quick vacation and then playing catch up all week long, I let myself get a bit behind. Add to it that I am painting the inside of my house this weekend and I am sure you’ll excuse the slight delay.

If you get a chance to go to the Kickstarter page you’ll get an early preview of the cover for the book, otherwise you will have to wait to see it here.

Make sure to check back here to get the next panel post and for updates on the new book and the kickstarter campaign. Things are starting to move fast and I’m excited to share all of it with you.

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