So of all the superhero movies coming out this year Green Lantern was the one where that I was most ambivalent about. I like the Green Lantern character (especially when he went nuts and became Parallax…that’s right…a nearly 20 year old comic book reference) and I like Ryan Reynolds, but something about this movie release has left me feeling kind of…blah.

So the other day I caught wind of this video compiled at Wondercon and so I gave it a look. Here it is for you to check out as well.


Okay…I’m excited about the movie now. The aliens and animation is awesome looking. It takes the superhero away from home and sets up something epic from the beginning. Ryan Reynolds sells me on the part of Hal Jordan (at least for the little be we see) and if the supporting cast is even reasonably good I think this movie will do well. At the very least it will be allowed to take its place amongst the rest of my superhero dvd’s.

So what do you think? Will Green Lantern make a mark or be a collosol stain? What are some of your favorite and least favorite superhero movies?

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  1. Eric Brooks

    That *does* look good. Great effects. And with movie goers used to things like “The Jedi”, the Green Lantern Corps needs little explaining. I kinda like Green Lantern thought I am more a “Batman” kinda guy and all things Marvel. I am afraid they’re not hyping the movie enough. Everyone is waiting for Thor.

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