Back when Kurt Warner was the quarterback for the St. Louis Rams I loved his story.  A man who went from anonymity to the pinnacle of glory in one year’s time.  He took a team that had been struggling to find true success and led them to a Super Bowl victory.  What I did not know about his story at the time was his strong Christian Faith.  I was agnostic at best during that time and once I found out about how much he spoke about his belief I actually lost a little of my respect for the man and his talents.  In 2001 I suffered a personal tragedy and I found my way towards God.  It was a slow start and it was full of its ups and downs as my long time beliefs often clashed with my new found ones.  I bounced through a couple of churches and a handful of pastors without ever really finding true belief.  In 2007 I moved from Oregon to North Carolina for work.  It was a leap of faith for me and my family.  We had no friends or family in the area and we were giving up comfortable jobs and our home back in Oregon.  Four months later I lost my job as the economy started its slide in ernest.  We were lucky that my wife had found a good job a month before I lost mine and even more importantly we had found a church that we really liked.  The year at the Christmas Eve mass I asked Jesus into my life.  Something about that night had opened up a doorway in my hurt and I felt for the first time in years that everything was going to be okay and that there truly was someone (other than my wife and kids) out there who loved me, cared for me andhad given everything for me.  I think part of what opened that door for me was watching Kurt Warner.  I make it no surprise that I am a big Cardinals fan.  I have more jerseys from players who aren’t with the team anymore than I have jerseys for players who are still with the team.  I remember watching Kurt taking part in a discussion on one of the local religious channels and loving the message he delivered.  Then I got to see it in practice as the Cardinals made their epic run to the Superbowl that year.  I watched Kurt cut a post-game interview short because he wanted to be with the players on both teams as they prayed in a circle on the field.  Kurt is the kind of Christain I aspire to be.  He is kind and loving and he leads by the example he sets which in my mind does more for Christianity than any fire and brimstone preacher could ever hope to accomplish.   I follow Kurt Warner still in his post football career and he even managed to get me to vote for him on Dancing With the Stars.  Below is a link to a blog most he released this morning.  It is beautiful and inspiring and I hope you find joy in his words.  Thank you Kurt Warner.


Man/Women After God’s Heart | Kurt’s Messages.

0 thoughts on “Man/Women After God’s Heart | Kurt’s Messages

  1. Jespren

    Why Eric Sweet! We debated Christianity back when I first met you in chatland and you were definately agnostic. I didn’t know you found the Lord! As someone who has been remembering you in prayer for many years it’s wonderful to hear you accepted Jesus as your Savior! I look forward to meeting in ‘real life’ once we all get to heaven.

  2. Mek

    Nice Blog Eric…. and my prayers go out with you.


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