Another day, another twenty-five minutes. I call that a good start. I managed to clear 632 words in today’s twenty-five, but more importantly I feel like I’ve set a path forward for the story. I even finished the chapter, so I may post it tomorrow or the next day depending one how brutal the day job is.

I really need to reread the whole thing and put some sort of timeline in place so I can figure out where I am going with this thing other than the vague notion of an ending. I imagine I will have to spend some time dedicating myself to organization this weekend.

So how about the rest of you? How are you doing on NaNoWriMo? Did you create your own Mini-Nano goal? Tell me about it. I want to celebrate your triumphs with you.

0 thoughts on “Mini-NaNo: Day Two

  1. christophergabrielwrites

    Nano was rough today, but I already intend to catch up what I wasn’t able to get done throughout the week for my word count goals over the weekend. The full-time job is bringing in a real busy week and the election is quite distracting. Just have to keep that focus and celebrate every win. Today’s word count 677 (about 1000 shy). I applaud your success today !

    1. Eric Swett

      677 is no joke, man. Great job. I totally get you on the full time job and the election distraction. It is super hard to hit that 1667 every day. Just keep your head down and keep at it. You got this!

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