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Last week we were supposed to start our whole foods challenge. We got off to a rough start wehn my wife came down with a nasty head cold and her food needs and desires became very specific. The vegan options I had prepared were not what she had in mind and I ended up spending a lot of time running out to various restaurants and fast food chains picking up meat and dairy laden products for dinner. I am a weak man and succumbed to the meaty goodness a couple of times myself (especially once I got sick as well). So, our first week of meatlessness has not gone well.

With the new week upon us we are planning on doing much better. The little bit of meat on the menu is from the freezer. I may want to go vegan, but I’m not going to waste what I have already paid for. The hardest part in the planning of meals has been the expense of non-dairy substitutes as well as not knowing what makes for a good substitute on certain items. We are learning and will do better with it soon I’m sure.

Our Small Farm Co-Op thing will be starting up again next month so we will be blessed with lots of new vegetable options to help shape our meals. I’m excited about getting back into this. The winter break has been killing me.  I look forward to lots of good spring veggies coming soon!

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0 thoughts on “Whole Foods Challenge, Week One

  1. The Forage

    Best luck to you! Maybe in the beginning it’s more about substituting meat and diary, but i have been a vegetarian for years now and it just comes naturally. You could look into veggie, tofu, soy burger from the wholefoods shop or make them yourself. You could try different milks, like almond, hazelnut and rice. I love smoked tofu! Good luck to you both!:)

    1. Eric Swett

      Thank you for the comment and the luck wishing. We soooo need it! We have been slowly working our way through the various milks (so far if it doesn’t have the vanilla in front of it the soy and the almond have been duds, especially with the kids) and that has been hardest on me. I can do without meat for the most part and even the cheese, though finding the substitutes makes it tricky. I’m sure it will get easier as we go and start knowing what we can use as substitutes.

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