So today I posted my 300th edition of the 100-Words Daily Challenge. I am pretty pleased about that and think this is a pretty cool milestone. I have been working on this every day for nearly a year now (with the exception of last November when I took a break for NaNoWriMo) and with only a couple more months before I hit a full year I thought it was time to start planning on what I will do with this thing.

The plan I have been playing with is to take the first year’s worth and compile it into a novella (since it will be too short to be a novel) and use it as a way to test the waters of the self-publishing world. Obviously I will need to go through the editing and rewriting process before I put it out there, but it is pretty exciting just the same.

As part of this grand plan I need one additional item: A Title. This whole time I have not come up with something to call it other than, “my one-hundred word project,” and that just will not do. It just isn’t catchy enough to make people think about buying it. I’ve played with a few other ideas, but none of them have stuck. So I am turning to you, oh dear readers of mine, to come up with a title.

What I am going to do is start reposting the existing work one week at a time, chapter by chapter, so that if you are a late comer you’ll be able to catch up and if you have been here since the beginning you’ll be able to get a refresher. What I would like from you is title suggestions. Leave them in the comments and I will sort through them and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on.

Thank you for your input!

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