Yesterday was a decent enough day. I did make a stop at McDonalds after karate, but I got a caesar salad instead of a burger, so that is progress right? I know today will be bad because I am planning on stopping by The Chicken Box Cafe for lunch so I can get some chicken gizzards. Hey! Don’t judge me! I love those damn things and will miss them dearly once meat is off the menu. I’ll hate myself for it later, but I will love it when I am eating it.

Karate was fun last night and sensei introduced us to some new forms of torture that ultimately lead to making me feel better. I wish I had started doing karate a year ago.

I forgot to weigh myself this morning so I don’t know if I managed to lose any more weight, but I am feeling better and I think I have lost weight. My wedding ring has gotten loose enough on my finger that it slipped off without me knowing it. Luckily we found it and now I have a bandaid wrapped around one side so that it fits a bit better. I suppose if I keep losing weight I will have to get it resized and i’ll have to get some new clothes. My pants are already falling off me, so something a little smaller may be in order.

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