Yesterday was a good day on a number of levels.

As far as food is concerned I did well. No real snacking or fast food, just nice lite meals that filled, but didn’t stuff me. Even in the evening when I was faced with the opportunity to have desert I opted for an Odwalla¬†protein drink instead. It was sweet and probably had more sugar than I want to think about, but it was a healthy choice instead of a self-destructive one.

Karate was different. Instead of working on the moves I had learned, or learning something new, the whole class worked on stretching each other out. It was quite the adventure in pain and flexibility. I stretched in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible and for the first time in years I was able to reach down past my toes and touch the floor. Doing that made all of the pain so worth it.

So this morning I weighed myself and the scale said 209.6. This is about five pounds less than what I remember weighing the last time I checked, so I’ll take it. I’m going to restrict myself to a once a week weigh in so I don’t spend too much time obsessing over the little ups and downs that happen on a daily basis. I figure that if I can lose a pound a week or so I’ll be pretty damn happy.

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