I fell victim to fast food once again. Limited time on a busy night pushed a trip to McDonald’s on the way home. I didn’t go crazy, but still. This fast food thing is kicking my butt and I need to develop a little more willpower and a few more options.

Tomorrow I am going to weigh myself for the first time in months. I’m a little curious to see where I’m at. I think I’ve lost a little weight and my wife said she noticed a difference in the way I look, but she loves me and might be trying to make me feel better about myself. I hate the scale and avoid it often. It is a trap and a lie. Our weight is less important than our general health and size. Changing that little number shouldn’t matter as much as it does, but until I notice a substantial change in my midsection it is what I will have to go by to determine my progress.

I did karate last night and had a great time doing it. I always feel exhausted afterwards, but it is a healthy feeling and  I love it. My arthritis was kicking my butt during warm ups, but I got through it without quitting. As a bonus I talked with the sensei about pricing last night and it turns out I’ll be able to keep up with my lessons. I felt like dancing a jig. I’m so stoked! I will be healthy and happy!

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