I had a decent day yesterday and managed to stay away from fast food and sweets for the most part (I’ll admit to a couple of cookies and some chocolate milk before bed last night). Dinner was hearty, but relatively good for me. Some split pea soup with potatoes, carrots and onions and some leftover ham. It was tasty even though it was a little thin. It hit the spot without overdoing it. I love big hearty soups and hope to have many more given the new diet.

Tonight is karate and I expect to feel whipped afterwards since it has been a week since my last visit to the dojo. I look forward to going and wish I had made it there on Monday. I have to talk with the sensei tonight to find out what it will cost for me to continue. Hopefully the price won’t be too far out of reach and I’ll be able to make something happen there.



Mangan Martial Arts Academy

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