Coffee House Snobbery?

Yeah, I’m a writer. As a writer, I should love all things coffee house, especially Starbucks, where I can sit and show everyone that I’m a writer, but to be honest, I don’t. Now I have nothing against writers who do their work in a coffe house, except when they’re not buying coffee and just sucking up space that paying customers could use. Personally I think there should be a drink per hour minimum, just to be fair. Oh, and for God’s sake TIP.

All of this came out from a conversation my wife and I had this morning while listening to the DJ’s on the radio talking about Starbuck’s serving beer and wine in certain locations. I hold no grudge against Starbuck”s or their uber-succesful marketing scheme, but I do not care for their coffee or the space wasters that are too often found within.



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