Whole Foods Countdown, 14 Days Remaining

Omar_MK /Foter

The single greatest challenge to switching over to whole foods/veganĀ  will be coffee. I’m an adict. I need it in the morning and I occasionally enjoy it in the evening. I like it with cream and sugar, or a flavored creamer, neither of which fits into the new diet. We’ve been trying non-dairy creamer, which neither tastes as good or fits into the whole foods thing, and we’ve tried the milk substitutes, but none of it tastes as good. Maybe I should just give up coffee altogether rather than face daily disappointment in my morning beverage. Any suggestions out there?

Yesterday I did not make it to karate do to time constraints, but I will make it on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at least. Eating was okay yesterday, with a reasonable lunch of turkey tacos and a dinner of roasted squash spaghetti. The spaghetti was awesome, but we decided that the squash needed to be cut into smaller pieces before roasting if it was going to be a quick meal.

Anyhow, off to another fun filled day.

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