After yesterday’s blog I decided to approach this whole thing a little differently. There is no point in itemizing what I ate really, so I’ll discuss it in general terms with a few references thrown in, but no list…blah. Who wants to look at that?  I don’t want to look at it and I’m the one writing it.

Yesterday was not a bad eating day, though I ate a bit more meat than I had planned. I packed a ham sandwhich for lunch, but I was offered half a hamburger afterwards and I jumped on it.  I was still hungry damnit and the oranges I had packed for snacks just weren’t cutting it. Dinner was good with a couple of twice baked potatoes and some salad. I felt okay throughout the day and was even able to turn down desert last night, so I am taking it as a good day. That being said, I didn’t go to karate like I had planned since I worked on pine wood derby cars with my boys and I’ll be going tonight after a quick stop at cub scouts.  Busy, busy, busy is this father of two.

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