Yesterday was not my best day. I started out with a little fast food and ended with fast food. I kept my portions moderate though, so at least there is that. I had karate last night and it felt good being out on the mat and getting the work in. The funny thing with karate is that the warm up exercises are physically harder than the karate itself. Between the crunches, sit upsĀ and jumping jacks I am worn out before we really get to work. The up side is that I can tell I’m getting stronger and that is an awesome step in the right direction. I talked with my wife last night and we should be able to continue with my taking karate after my trial month is over. I’m totally excited about this. I think between the karate and the changes in my diet I’ll be able to lose twenty or thirty pounds and shake off the diabetes. This is a long-term process, but the end results will be so worth it.

0 thoughts on “Whole Foods Countdown, 20 Day Remaining

  1. Aj b33m3R

    Keep at it dude, no better present for the wife than a giant slice of hunky beefcake! ‘Cept for my wife, she likes those lanky Brit boy types… It’s all I can do to keep to a fit 160-170! Cut out the junk food entirely, be strong man, be strong! I remember Karate class, the first 20 minutes are the worst.

    I just buzz cut my hair today and utterly botched up the back by not putting the 1/4 spacer back on after cleaning out the clippers. I was going to shave off the whole thing but the wife wasn’t having it. Ended up going down to 1/8 and figure I’ll try and stay indoors as much as possible over the next two weeks! I’m such a dumbass sometimes!

    I’ve been bad lately, not been working out much. I got this anti-Samson thing going on, long hair depletes my energy reserves… I feel the energy slipping back into me. Stay fit.

    1. Eric Swett

      Thanks AJ! Hopefully the hair cut gets you going again! I should be aiming for about 175lbs, but I think I would look a bit emaciated at that weight. First goal is to be sub-200…then we’ll see how I’m looking and feeling.

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